About Pincho Mediterráneo

About Us

Malacitana FoodService Sl. was born in Malaga (Spain) as a company in 2003. Our company was created with the idea of providing trend products in the new hotel industry, characterized by our ability to innovate and develop new concepts for thematic restoration. That is why the Pincho Mediterráneo business brand emerged to provide solutions to these new proposals.

We keep in constant evolution to always achieve customer satisfaction and to offer them new alternatives in a thematic and more dynamic kitchen. Therefore, our range of products adapts to the tastes and habits of the consumer at all times and changes in market trends.

We have a national commercial network to propose and advise solutions for your dishes

Our Customer Service, advises you and carries out continuous monitoring to offer you the best service, since our greatest satisfaction is that our customers are satisfied with us.

At Pincho Mediterráneo, we have personalized attention to answer any questions, with telephone assistance from Monday to Friday during business hours at 952 00 00 02.

We distribute our products in temperature controlled vehicles, with delivery services in 24/48 hours. We distribute from the small neighborhood store, to supermarkets, restaurants, hamburgers, tapas bar, etc.

Quality, innovation, efficiency, respect, health, customer satisfaction, transparency and consumer knowledge are the principles and values ​​that we follow in our day-to-day in Mediterranean Pincho.

We have been selecting our products throughout the national and European geography, seeking the latest news and always maintaining high quality standards.

Our products offer the following advantages:

  • We bet on the quality of all our products. We work with first specialized firms, all of them aimed at the hospitality industry which guarantees its quality and safety.
  • Ease and agility in the kitchen
  • Unique and homogeneous flavors.
  • Preparations within reach of any level of cooking, from the apprentice, to proposals with a greater elaboration
  • Very easy to scan
  • Attractive preparations and with different solutions
  • Being a frozen product, what is needed with 0 losses is spent

From our beginnings, until today, we have been growing and including in our catalog new innovative and very high quality references that we know will surprise your clients.