Product catalog

These are some of the Pincho Mediterráneo products most demanded by our customers. The final quality of the product is guaranteed by our quality standard from the origin of the raw material through all the processes and even serve it in its own premises, conserving all the properties of each one of our products.

Chicken Tear

Fresh chicken of first quality, is cooked in our own factory, totally homemade, seasoned with freshly squeezed lemon, to give it its peculiar and mild flavor, make this product a delight to drink at any [...]


Our burgers, in addition to their quality, stand out for their flavor. We have a wide variety of types: chicken, pork, mixed, ox, with denomination of origin and we can also offer different calibers for [...]

Crispy chicken breast

Juicy 100% chicken breast, breaded with cereals that gives it that crunchy touch and low oil absorption. It can be fried or directly put in the oven, its knowledge is especially tasty.


Juicy pork that melts almost touching it and always with very powerful flavors and aromas for the sauces with which it is marinated. It would only be served with roasted potatoes, fried onion rings, salad. [...]

Pulled pork

Tasty pork cut into very thin strips, with a very tasty barbecue flavor and cooked over low heat to get a soft and pleasant meat, able to satisfy the most demanding palate.

Chipotle chicken tinga

Chipotle is the jalapeño pepper that is left to dry and mature with a smoky flavor. The chicken is cooked, then browned in a little oil and finally cooked in a sauce of roasted tomatoes [...]

German sausages

We have a wide range of German sausages, we have the traditional one that is made with finely chopped pork and beef, and is seasoned with several spices: nutmeg, ginger and pepper are the most [...]